Empire season 3

3x04: Cupid Kills

Imagen para el episodio 3x4: Cupid Kills

Cupid Kills is the fourth episode of Empire's season 3. Cookie and Angelo's rivalry reaches a breaking point and Lucious is ready to take a side to fight for. Anika returns to Empire and the minute she starts working things get confusing in the place, while Jamal finally is ready to face Freda Getz

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3x05: One Before Another

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This is the fifth episode of the season and things are getting complicated. In the first place, Cookie has a careless attitude that puts her on a unnecessary situation related to her freedom. On the other hand, Jamal needs to show his fans that he's now able to overcome his own problems, even when help from a friend like Hakeem is needed. Finally, as things between Shine and Lucious and Andre didn't go well, we might some action coming.

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3x06: Chimes at Midnight

Imagen para el episodio 3x6: Chimes at Midnight

While Lucious tries to handle a conflict between Cookie and Angelo, Jamal faces a complicated sentimental situation. On the other hand, after Empire was hacked, both Lyon family and the group of artists find themselves untidy and Andre works to show everyone how valuable he is for the company

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3x07: What We May Be

Imagen para el episodio 3x7: What We May Be

The episodes is focused on both Cookie's past and present. In the first place, the appearance of things from her past she has been hiding for a while (like the nature of the relationship with her father) force Cookie to give some explanations and tell the truth. In the second place, Candace helps Cookie in order to make a brillant dinner to impress Diane, the mother of Angelo

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3x11: Play On

Imagen para el episodio 3x11: Play On

Tory and Jamal spend a nice time while working together and Cookie works to go even further with Angelo, even when she feels bad about Lucious. Meanwhile, Leah's anger and hate towards Anika makes her ask for Tariq's help

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3x12: Strange Bedfellows

Imagen para el episodio 3x12: Strange Bedfellows

A party is thrown as Hakeem turns 21 but things go different than unexpected. Meanwhile, Anika must decide what's she doing with rest of her life and Angelo fears that Cookie might not overcame her past yet and that could interfere with his intention to be the Mayor.

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